Closeness isn’t easy, but solitude is troublesome;
How should I spend the last five, ten years?
People, I’ve got them figured out. The world, no secrets.
If in my quiver a single arrow was left,
I wouldn’t shoot it into my horizon for the sweetest of dreams.

Fall into your last sleep, eyes!

“Only the sensitive live”, they say.
I say, “Only the sensitive suffer”.
I’ve witnessed and understood the adventure of living;
If the soul survived, I wouldn’t wish it immortality.
With no dreams left, what pleasure is there in life?

Let this useless autumn come to a timely end!

Death isn’t the most dreadful thing in life,
To die before you die is harder.

Yahya Kemal Beyatlı (1884-1958). Düşünce. Translated from the Turkish.

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