Mortal life comes to an end, becomes a long autumn.
Leaves, flowers, birds disperse, scatter.
Farewell felt throughout;
The sea, the mountain rumble.
Days become sorrowful, otherworldly,
As all that is left from summer mingles;
Deeply felt, the sadness of autumn months.
The traveller realises the journey is to cypress fields.
Day by day, the world’s horizon darkens, gloomy to the eyes,
Life dragging on, each day becomes a burden for the soul.
The earth’s sound of silence is felt
As the start of a different tune;
You surrender to decline,
Look as you were before you were born.

Just like a leaf falling into water that flows away,
The soul is put to a wakeless sleep,
Not feeling any pain in its stony heart.
Mother Nature is unaware of our adventure of death.

Yahya Kemal Beyatlı (1884-1958). Sonbahar. Translated from the Turkish.

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