From an evening of fleeting sounds,
The road carrying my memory to the shore,
The gondola chasing bright dreams,
The candle flames swimming in a blue sea.

On the keys, the spectre of darkness
And the reminiscence that instantly flutters the heart.
Carrying me to worlds of happiness,
Her reverie echoed on her enameled fingers.

Countless nights have slipped past
And, surrendering to a summer, the shore is alone.
Countless swifts flitting through the sky
Where my longing, my love are made endless.

Sounds spilling through open shutters …
A lake shivering far away from the soul?
No feeling of intimate love on her lips,
But a smile more beautiful than everything.

Under warm shadows, thoughts put to sleep
The very instant she appeared, dressed in white;
Summer nights of warm imaginings
With gates opening to verdant mornings.

Her world born under colourful lanterns,
On her shoulders, moonlit plaits.
Within me are united where I long for and
Her reverie echoed on her enameled fingers.

Orhan Veli (1914-1950). Ebabil. Translated from the Turkish.

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