White Dove

Gliding from the blue sky towards the earth
A white dove landed on my shoulder

I held it in my hand, gently stroked and
Caressed it, I relived my youth

Pure white, so bright were its feathers
If I opened my hand, it would swiftly take flight

I lent over, whispered into its ear, don’t leave, I said
Wanting to kiss its moire eyes

In my hands, I felt its warmth
Its years of remoteness from me

I listened to its fluttering heart
Wanting to fly together towards the sky

The white dove had large eyes
And out of its beauty a fountain sprang

I drank its cool refreshing water
Listened to the sound of a cascading river

Perhaps love was this, life, perhaps
I was beaming, my eyes full of tears

A melody came from joy and delight
A melody came from beauty and white

It held out its pink beak lovingly
In that moment, I learnt the meaning of life

It was my destiny to find love in you
To be a pair of doves, I and you

Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan (1926-1984). Beyaz Güvercin. Translated from the Turkish.

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