Spanish Tavern

A bottle of wine on our darkened, wood table,
A night of nights, we are so tired.
And stone-drunk.
Your hands in mine.

In a Spanish tavern, a woman
Sings, shouting and wailing.
A ravaged woman, clearly.
Quite ugly, not so young, close to tears.
Skinny, bony hands, thick lips.
Her voice slaps our ears;
Our faces flush crimson.
We are full of sorrow, full of distress,
Bloodshot eyes..

One night in a Spanish tavern,
We are alone together.
And stone-drunk.
Let’s drink more, more..

Cry a little,
Your eyes closed, your head on my knees,
Look, I’m crying too.
In the stove, the logs are burning down,
Can you see?
A woman is screaming and wailing,
Can you hear?

Ah, let’s just die;
Let this mad run come to an end,
Let the Spanish tavern go to hell.
Enough! Enough!
Let’s die.
Come on, have wine,
Sorrow and love.
Let’s drink more, more..

Let’s hit the bottle;
Let alcohol run through our veins.
Hey waiter!
Stop that screaming woman.
Tell her to come to our table, let’s drink.
Hey waiter!
All drinks are on me tonight. You drink too.
Close the doors
To strangers.
No one should know
That we died in a Spanish tavern.
Let’s drink more, more..

Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan (1926-1984). İspanyol Meyhanesi. Translated from the Turkish.

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