On a boat to Çubuklu* from Kandilli*;
Just the sound of oars.
Are we today spending a pleasant time?
Or, is time spending us?
Why now these endless thoughts?

On one side, the space of the borderless sky;
On the other, time that forever continues.
With contradictory thoughts, one murmurs.
Now the ripple, now the depths,
Sometimes, “Time doesn’t pass”, unhappily, one says.

To my wandering heart, be calm, I said,
Shake off sad feelings one by one!
In the September solace, to Çubuklu, on your way,
Have no sense of times to come, passing and passed,
Gently row the boat, the moonlight mustn’t be disturbed!

Yahya Kemal (1884-1958). Gezinti. Translated from the Turkish.

*Districts in the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

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