Ferris Wheel

I came from where, why,
I don’t know, so can’t tell. And you?
It doesn’t really matter.
I came, they made space for me, I sat.
In and out some went
Anyway, when I came.

There was more, water, bread,
Laughter, kisses, how should I know, everything.
Was it a festival? Couldn’t really tell.
And then, some looked meditative, quiet.
I didn’t understand why some left
Anyway, when I came.

Show, concert, funfair?
I don’t know, too crowded in front of me to tell.
Where I was squeezed in, time went fast.
Look they said. I looked, couldn’t quite see anything,
And it was dark everywhere
Anyway, when I came.

My only thought where I was crouched
Was, how would I, when they said get out.
Leaving crowded places isn’t very easy.
They would get up, try to give way, as I went, watch me.
Didn’t they grumble a lot while I was perching here
Anyway, when I came.

Behçet Necatigil (1916-1979). Dönme Dolap. Translated from the Turkish.

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