Once upon a time, in a land far away,
Where a grain sieve lay in a stack of hay,
There was and there was not in a small town, a little boy.
A white-bearded old man with a kindly face, one day
And before every new moon, from that day on,
Brought a bag of hazelnuts for the little boy,
Disappearing without a word.

“Tell me, who you are, dear white-bearded old man,”
The little boy asked one day,
“Like me a human being, or a jinn?
Why do you never say anything?
Why do you never bring hazelnuts for other children?”

A tale never loses in the telling;
The old man came to the town again.
“Listen to me”, he said, “with both ears, son.
Answers to everything are not known;
Suffice it to say, one day, the bird of good fortune,
Will introduce you to a most beautiful princess,
Angelic, generous and kind;
Appreciate her worth, never ever hurt her.”

Just as the little boy was about to say,
“Do you really…How…Why?,
The white-bearded old man disappeared again.

Three apples fell from the sky,
One for the teller of the story,
One for the listener
And one for the little boy.

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