Ripples in Water

Out in the fields, it was the first day of spring;
As I wandered on the mountain, a fountain appeared.
The blindfold on my eyes fell away suddenly;
The spring brought back a mountain memory.
Several years back, this mountain had a rose;
On summer days, by this spring she and I stopped for repose.
Early in the morning, we would take long walks together;
So many times dawn broke on the mountain as we set off to wander.
Her into earth fortune has turned;
So many times from this spring we drank.
My face burning, sobbing, there I stopped;
For a teardrop to seep into the pain in my heart.
With the memory of a May day together;
From the broken fountain cup, I had a sip of water.
But now, only heathland was all around;
No more the same, its taste or its sound.

Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel ((1898-1973). Suda Halkalar. Translated from the Turkish.

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