World Drawn in the Air

Loneliness mornings have, loneliness;
As warm as light in waters.

Sadness, left on lips, sadness from verses;
Mid afternoon lights of mornings.

Sleep, early youth sleep, like mornings,
Water where body becomes fish and swims.

With no one in the streets, silence;
Island in the middle of tranquil waves.

Blowing from a town far away from the soul, winds,
Before farewells, after farewells.

In museums frozen time, no shadows,
Faces touched by aloneness, endlessness, oldness.

Poems that fade to dim on festival days
Emerge in our late imaginings and enter our dreams.

The sound of life touching tranquility in games;
In childhood, the first lesson of every class.

After music, over a long time listening to inner sounds:
Tranquility in sculptures, invitation in paintings.

There are lovers seen just once,
Whose memories live throughout life at nights.

Sense of place with feelings for home,
Like boats in the open sea sailing one by one.

Songs sung secretly from lips:
Spring that bodies feel before trees.

My world I draw in the air with a flower
And this dreamlike drawing I watch with wonder.

Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca (1914-2008). Havaya Çizilen Dünya. Translated from the Turkish.

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