Photographs in Words 29 – The Blue Pomegranate 3/3

Help me, please help me!

When Doctor Ahmet Bey opened his eyes, the huge clock on the opposite wall was showing 23:08. He instantly closed his eyes again. A world of colours and forms appeared in the darkness. This was the world of colours and forms in the kaleidoscope his sister gave him when he was little. When Ahmet Bey opened his eyes again, ıt was 23:15.

Gradually, Ahmet Bey was able to keep his eyes open for longer periods. When closed, there was the kaleidoscope; when open, there was the huge clock. In the intensive care unit, two of the other four patients were on his right, the remaining two were on his left. The doctors and nurses were insistently trying to make three patients speak. It was mainly Ayşe Hanım that they wanted to talk, about her childhood, about her later life. Nobody spoke to Ahmet Bey or to the patient who kept saying, “Help me, please help me!”.

Doctor Ahmet Bey tried to tell them, “He is asking for help. Why don’t you help him?”. He couldn’t remove his oxygen mask. He couldn’t move his arms. He was attached to drainage tubes and serum. Still, he struggled to remove them all and go to the help of the pleading patient..

Doctor Ahmed Bey had been brought to the hospital after being found unconscious in his room next to three empty bottles of alcohol. He stayed in intensive care for twenty-four hours. The next day, his sister’s younger daughter came to take him to her home. “Dearest Uncle”, she said, “we have a spare room. We would like you to stay with us.” This was the daughter who when little would chase after him saying, “Uncle Ahmet, Uncle Ahmet, would you help me with my arithmetic homework? Please help me Uncle.”

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