Photographs in Words 27 – Child, Flag, Minaret

– Mum.
– Yes dear, another question?
– Mum, can I fly?
– Darling, of course you can’t,
– Can you?
– No.
– What about dad?
– He can’t either.
– Birds can fly.
– Because they are birds.
– But, they can walk.
– …
– Mum.
– Yes?
– Mum, Don’t you always tell me to speak quietly?
– Yes, I do dear.
– Why don’t you say anything to the man in the minaret?
– …
– Why are the flags you buy for me so small mum?
– Because you are small too.
– Why are the buildings’ flags so big? Bigger than them!
– You are just a little girl, so stop meddling in everything.
– Can I, when I grow up?
– Let’s wait and see.
– But, mum, grown ups don’t do anything.

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