Photographs in Words 21 – Darkness Everywhere

I was at the centre yesterday. We played dominoes, chatted, laughed. I played the saz, too.

This morning, I am on my way to İstinye. I will sail out to sea with my dear friend Veli, on his boat. The pavement ramps and the yellow blind- lanes in the metro make my journey easier. But the city has become too crowded. When my stick gets caught in someone’s foot, he’s annoyed. I explain why I’m carrying my white stick. There are no stop announcements on the bus. Still, I get off at my stop.

The coast is very noisy. Music, traffic, car horns, a lot of sound. I am blind from birth. Fifty-nine years old. Hearing sounds has always been good.

Veli helps me over the gang plank to the boat. As we pull up the anchor, the sound of the engine mingles with these other sounds. Further out on the Marmara sea, Veli turns off the engine and hoists the sails.

Now I am sitting on the bow. There is a gentle breeze. The only sound is the parting of the waters. The islands are behind us. The sea and the sky are the same blue.

Open sea…

I close my eyes.

I clasp my stick to myself.

If only we could sail on forever…

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