Photographs in Words 16 – Europe 3/4

Three days after his return to the opposite coast, T began exploring Istanbul.He went to places he had never before visited, seen or even heard of.

He joined the worshippers at Eyüp mosque, climbed up to Aya Yorgi, descended into the dungeons of Anemas and walked around the city walls from Edirnekapı to Yedikule. At Sulu Manastır (the church of Surp Kevork), he stopped to listen to the old man playing duduk. From Zeyrek mosque (the church of the Pantocrator), he looked across to Süleymaniye

At the second-hand bookshop, opening Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s Masnawi, he read:  “Now listen to this reed-flute’s deep lament, about the heartache of being apart.”

He entered Yeraltı mosque in the basement of Castellion castle, sat in the courtyard of Arap mosque (the church of St.Paul and St. Dominic) and drank tea at Kurşunlu han. The Kamondo steps led him to Galata Mevlevihanesi (Mevlevi lodge).

From the courtyard of  Cihangir mosque, he  watched the Bosphorus.

He has not been seen about recently.

Some say he has returned to Europe.

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